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Kyu - Smile


You won't believe what my mom told me yesterday. She was at work and she called me to ask me what kind of computer we have and how much more room we have left on the hard drive and stuff like that and I told her and she told me that we were getting a home phone again. And... and she told me that on Monday we are going to be getting the internet back! After two long difficult years I am finally going to be getting the internet back. I am so happy about this.

the only bad thing is my mom is thinking about putting the computer in the living room, but then she said something about how the place she is getting it from lets you have two computers under the same internet line or something so two of them can be hooked up. Anywho she was saying that maybe with her tax money she would buy a new one and have it be in the living room and have the one I have right now stay where it is or something like that. That makes me so happy. I will fight to the end ot keep that computer in my room. That is the whole reason I have it in there is because I usually end up going on the most at night when all my friends are on. So yea...

I am so happy about that.

I started watching Moon Child yesterday. I really like that movie. I would be watching it right now but i am on a computer that does not have sound and it has youtube disable on here. But that is ok, because in a few days I will be able to watch it at home.

Oh, but a bad thing about the internet is that I don't know how long I will have it. I'll probably have it for a month and then my mom will forget to pay them and then they will shut it off or something like that.

Anywho, I am super happy about this.

that is all. Ja-bye-bye.


YAYY~!! I REALLY HOPE YOU GET IT FOR A LONG, LONG, LONG TIME~!! *jumps up and down and runs around in circles*
Hehe, me too. XD
Kyu - Smile

March 2009

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