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Yea, well... I was wrong about Sharingan Kakashi being the last one you get. I went back to the store and it said I could get Mizuki. I have Mizuki. Whenever I see him I just want to punch him, and since he is not there to punch I usually end up punching my leg... yea... I hate him so much. I got him yesterday regardless cuz I am so hoping that you get to play as Shino so I am trying to get everyone so I can hopefully get Shino. Has anyone else played this game? Do you get Shino? I love Shino cuz he is just so cool! Anywho, the character you get to buy after Mizuki is Orochimaru. He's like 50000 coins. My brother is at home right now getting money for me so I can get him. Ah, I love siblings, you can use them for slave labor. XD

Oh, and does anyone have Naruto: Ultimate Ninja? I am stuck on the mission when you have to beat Haku in 30 seconds and you have to use a '3 Hit Combo' or something like that and I don't know how to do that. so... yea...

Anywho, I finally got unstuck on Resident Evil Outbreak the other day after being stuck on the second level for, like an year. But now I am in the Hive and there is the Leech Man... fun... but at least he can't open doors... but he can go through vents... which is bad... very bad...

Well, that is all for now I guess. I am going to go read more of the Naruto manga. I've read up to volume 32 right now. I just need to read like... four or five more and then I'll be all caught up. I h


Kyu - Smile

March 2009

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