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Jan. 8th, 2007

Kyu - Smile


I haven't gotten a hold of my mother yet. I really need to cuz if I don't then she will yell at me for not calling and prolonging my stay and such. I need to find out when she has work so see when I have to come home. I don't want to go back home tomorrow but if she was work and there is no one to stay home to watch Tara, then I may have to, ya know.

I was playing Naruto: Clash of Ninga 2 this morning and I was playing in the timed fighting. So I began to get tired and wanted to lose, but I didn't want Gaara to stand there and get his poor ass kicked so I kept hitting the attack button and closed my eyes and before I knew it I head that Gaara had won the fight. I was like, wtf? Then it went to the next fight and I did it again... and I won again... The first person I was fighting... I believe it was Naruto and then the second person I beat while my eyes were close was Kiba... then I think it was Lee. Anywho, then the tenth battle came up and it was Gaara. Yea, Gaara fought against himself and lost. Gaara is really hard to beat, you really have to be aware of what the hell you are doing around him cuz he will attack you from everywhere. So I lost and I was somewhat happy, I could finally rest some more... but then... I realized that I didn't get any money from doing all of that and then I was kinda mad. XD

My obcession over Naruto has spread to my cousin, which makes me super duper happy to no end. I really want her to write her Naruto fanfic now. She writes a lot of good stories and fanfics.

Oh~! I played DDR last night... well... it was more from 12 in the morning to like six am... I think. That game is so much fun. I was so tired afterward though. I so want that game. It's the best. XD There are so many cute songs on that game. Half the time I was only dancing so I could hear the songs. XD ARGH! I want to play it now! But I have to take a shower after Yume gets out cuz I was sweating so much earlier. ><

Well, I really have to go pee so I am going to get ready so that when she gets out I can get in, go pee and take a shower.

Ja-bye-bye. ^^

Dec. 29th, 2006

Kyu - Smile


Chirtmas went pretty well. I got a lot of cool stuff. My mom was pissed off at me at Chirstmas cuz I didn't know what time I needed to be home so she was pissed off when I got there at like 11:30. Oh well, she got over it really fast. So yea... I will do a quick rundown of my presents.

From my grandma I got lots of little stuff (I'm to lazy to eleborate) and money. Yatta!

From my dad he got me a Nintendo DS game and Prirates of the Caribean. I had already got most of my presents earlier that month like I talked aobut in a previous post... at least I think I did... anywho he said that they were all sold out of Nitendo DS's so he would buy me one and send it over to me. So yea.

I got Eureka Seven stuff from my cousin and her peoples. It is so cool. It came with a Eureka Seven box to put the anime cases in and it also came with volume 1 and 2 of the anime and manga. The Eureka Seven OST and a shirt too. I would wear that shirt everyday if I could. I sleep with it next to me every night. Yes, I am weird, I know this.

I got money from my dad.

I got clothes, shoes, and candy from my mom. I got Jack Skellington earmuffs, which I love and am wearing right now. And she got me the newest Evanescense and Nelly Furtado cd's. Yatta! I got new headphones too. I got more stuff from her and everyone else, but I am too lazy to type it all up and I want to go read everyone's journals. Later.

Dec. 22nd, 2006

Kyu - Smile

Everything Is Fine Now. ^^

Like the title says, everything is fine now. Me and my mom are getting along again. I think that happened since we are both stressed out and I was sick too. Everything is good though.

My mom left me some money so I think I am going to have Wendy's for lunch.

OH~! I got Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles! My aunt came over the other day and took all of us out to get our christmas presents. I also got the stragy guide for it. That game is so much fun! You all must play it!

Anywho, Merry Christmas to all of you people.

I think that is all or now... Oh, I'm feeling a lot better now. So yea. Ja-bye-bye.

Dec. 15th, 2006

Kyu - Smile

>< again...

Hehe, ignore my last post, ok? With this one I am going to go into more detail so if you don't want to read what happened between me and my mother, then you should not read this post, ok?

Firsty on Friday I bumped my head on my way inside my house and everything went black for a few moments. Shorty after that I began to feel really sick. I was really really sick on Monday and slept all day. Anywho that's only some of the whole story.

On Tuesday I thought my mom had work all day and I didn't think she would stop by the house so I had locked the door before coming to the library. When I came bacj my mom was home and really mad that I had locked the door. I think she was still mad about that the other day when she got really pissed off at me. On Wednesday I felt somewhat better in the morning so I went to the library but when I came home I started to feel sick again so I went to my room to lay down. Anywho, when I went to the library my mom asked me to get her a Trackphone cell phone card. I did, but when I got home she told me I got the wrong one. I know she told me Trackphone, but she claims she told me PagePlus, which she did not.

Anywho, so I went to go lay down and rested. When I finally got to sleep, my mom called me out and told me that she forgot to get some window cleaner at the gas station or somethng and she told me to go up and get it. I looked at her and said no, which surprised me greatly. Then she started yelling at me. I went back to my room and laid back down but she kept going. She kept saying how lazy I was and how I never do anything. I watch her kids so she can go to work and go be with her boyfriends (I really don't know how many guys she has strung around her little finger right now... ^^;;;; ) wash the dishes, wash the clothes, manage the kids schooly things, but yet she thinks that I do nothing. >< Maybe I really should do nothing so that way something she says can be true.

Anywho I put up with that for two hours before I had enough and climbed out my bedroom window and took off for three or so hours.

While I was gone my mom told all the little kids that I had rode my bike to my dad's house <.< >.> <.< I don't even know how to get to his house. He lives like, an hour away and I always fall alsleep in the car.

Anywho, yesterday morning I thought my mom would have cooled down and I was going to apologize to her. But she was being an even bigger bitch than earlier so I didn't. Why should I always be the one who apologizes first? She kept bitching at the kids about EVERYTHING!!! It was so annoyting. So finally she left for work and the house was quiet.

My mom is still pissed off at me. ><

OH! And there was something my mom said that really pissed me off. She said something like "Why don't you just go and die at your fathers?" Usually she says something like "Why don't you go and live at your fathers?"

Well, that was all...

Oh a happier note, I really want the game Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles. That game looks so awesomely awesome! I so want it!

On the way home from the library yesterday, some guys were being asses and asked if we called them queers. My brother said no and we began to ride off and then they pulled thier car right in front of us when they were going to Taco Bell and we almost hit thier car. It made me so mad. I hope I never see them agan. >< I think they were high schoolers who skipped school.

Anywho tha is all.


Dec. 14th, 2006

Kyu - Smile


My mom is being a bitch again toward me. I've been sick the week or so and yesterday I finally thought I was going to be feeling better but when I got home from the library I started to feel really sick and then my mom called me out and told me to go up and get something she forgot to get from the store or something like that. I told her no and went back to my room and that started her calling me a bitch, lazy, stupid and all this other stuff. It made me really mad. So when Mikey came home I climbed out the windown and left for a couple of hours. And then thsi morning she kept calling me names and yelling at me. I'll talk more about it tomorrow, but she is being really immature about everything. I would talk more about it now, but my time on the computer is running out. >< Sorry, I was going to post everything that happened, but I didn't remember to post here until the last few minutes. Sorry.


Dec. 8th, 2006

Kyu - Smile


I finally dyed my hair black. It is so black right now it is so damn cool! I love black hair.

Anywho, my mom let Pretty Boy back in and he didn't poop or pee anywhere, but he did puke a little and she threw him back out which made me sooooo mad. I'm going to try to get him back in though.

Final Fantasy 12 is an awesome game, believe it. If you haven't played it yet, you should. I love Naruto: Ultimate Ninja, that game is so much fun.

Anywho, time to talk about Final Fantasy 12 and I will try not to spoil it for the ones who have not played it or are not at the part where I am talking about. Anywho, at that one part in Mt. O-something when Larsa found out about, ah, a family member and everyone was walking away, I was like screaming at the people to go back and comfort him. He's just a poor kid with lots of stuff thown on his shoulders and he needs to be comforted. But nooooo~! No one did. It made me angry. I'm going to go before I spoil anything else. Sorry~!


Dec. 4th, 2006

Kyu - Smile


My mom brought Ron over for my b-day. Which made me really mad, but he didn't stay all night, thank goodness. My mom told him to go home cuz he was starting to be his normal self and he started to have a hissy-fit when my mom was talking on the phone with Tony's sister while he was in the bathroom. He started to complain and say that he wanted her to spend her time only with him or something. When I heard that I almost marched up to him and said "Hey, listen here you old drunken asshole, this is my birthday and if she is going to be spending time with anyone, it would be me, damnit." But I did not cuz I was playing Final Fantasy 12 and I really wanted to defeat this monster so I could get the money for beating it, so yea... I got a really yummy cake and good ice cream and such. My mom got me some more black hair dye so I should have black hair again later on today. Yayness! My mom said that she would give me some money when she gets her money back from Tony. Yayness! I so need to get the Finaly Fantasy 12 strategy guide. I'll ask my mom if that can be one of my presents. ^^

Well, that is all for now. Not much else happend on my birthday. Ja-bye-bye. ^^

Dec. 2nd, 2006

Kyu - Smile

Today is...

Today is my birthday! Yayness for me! XD

Nov. 29th, 2006

Kyu - Smile


I'm so happy! I went over to my dad's house for a little bit last week and I got some b-day stuff. And Yu-Yu-chan came over and we had lots of fun. I got Final Fantasy 12, finally! XD Naruto: Ultimate Ninja, that game is so fun I can't stop playing it. XD A IPod Nano, who I named Kosuke. And I finally got the complete series of Spiral. I have wanted that anime for so long. OH! And I also got volumes 6, 8 and 9 of Hana-Kimi. Just a couple more volumes and I'll have half of the series. Yesu! So yea... I'm so happy I got all of tha stuff. I wanted to get a Nintendo DS while we were at the mall too, but my dad said that he would try to get that by the next time I come over. Oh, and Jaime kinda got the PS2 from over at my dad's to work again, so when she left I could play my games again. Yayness! So yea... that is all... later...

Nov. 20th, 2006

Kyu - Smile


Over the weekend I realized that I have not posted anything in my journal for a really long time. So I'm just going to make a quick post here of all the stuff that has happend since my last post.

My mom broke up with Ron and is now going out with Tony who is really cool. I got new kitty and we named her Baby cuz she is is cute. I got the FMA moive and Dirge of Cerberus. Umm... Tara now goes to extended kindergarden so she goes to school almost everyday except for every other Wednesday.

And I think that is about all. Oh, I don't know if I said this in a previous post, but we had to get rid of Raven. Y_Y. So yea. I'll try to post more often.


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