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Kyu - Smile

One True Love...

For that last two days I have had ice cream for breakfast and I think I am going to have it for lunch today to. I just love ice cream so much and I don't think I could ever get tired of eating it. I believe that ice cream is my one true love. Yes. Ice cream....

Anywho I played DMC 3 all night last night and all this morning too. I love that game so much. I can't wait to play as Virgil though I kinda in away don't at the same time cuz playing as Virgil means that I will not be playing as Dante. T_T

I like Lady so much more now. She is just so damn cool. And I think that out of all the pairings in DMC the Dante and Lady pairing is my most favorite. Yea...

Anywho, when it was my birthday my mom told me that she as going to be getting some money the next day and she was going to take me so I could get a game I wanted or something like that. (I don't remember if I posted about this... but I'll just talk about it again incase someone didn't or something) So the next day comes and she didn't have her money then so she told me that in the next couple of days we would go sometime then... but we didn't... which isn't surprising cuz my mom is like that. So anywho yesterday my mom took my brother to get his b-day cake and to take him to buy him some clothes for his b-day. (He wanted clothes...and he got shoes too...) So before he left I asked him to ask my mom if she ever took me to get my b-day present like she said she would. She said no, and she said something about maybe taking me when the little kids dad came back and he could have them for the weekend and my mom would take me and Mikey to the mall... or something like that. I can't rememeber what Mikey told me. But I highly doubt that will happen.

The whole point of that was to come to this point. My mom spent like 200 dollars for his presents. And last year she got him a PSP for like 250 dollars and he rarely ever plays with it. I hate how after all that I have done for her, she can't take me to get my present. I understand that she is a single mom and such, but if she said she is going to do something for me, then she should do it. I am going to have Mikey keep bugging her about it. I would bug her myself but she likes him more so she won't yell at him as much. If I asked for somethign she would bite my frickin' head off. I love my mom,but she really knows how to make someone feel like shit. I don't know if she means to do it on purpose, everyone knows I'm certainly not her favorite of her five children, but she has really made really sad lately... maybe even depressed... I don't know. All I know is that I love RE and DMC and Naruto and playing those games make me happy so I shall play away. XD

I am infected by Yume-chan. With her fanfics she tends to always make out profiles for her characters and such before she can write and all of that and I was doing that last night with my RE fanfic.... it was evil... I wanted to write so much but then I was like, I should really make their profiles now... Damn Yume-chan... Damn you to a good place. ><

So yea. I think that is all that has happened so far lately.


Kyu - Smile

March 2009

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